SportSoft and GoCardless have partnered up to provide you with a seamless integration between your leisure management system, your web-site and your membership subscriptions.

  • You get our online sign-up pages, where your customers pick their membership product on your web-site and enter their bank details.

  • You get a link for their phone or tablet so your customers pick their membership product and enter their bank details in the centre.

  • You will see an account history in the SportSoft system for all your customers and a list of non-payers.

  • You will be able to contact all non-payers by email or text if you wish.

  • You will see a warning on screen, when a non-payer enters and swipes their card or fingerprint.

  • You will enjoy your sleep a lot better!

You will be fully on top of your financial situation and with this system, no-one will be using your centre without paying!

Contact Us for more details - email or call +44(0)1423 873873